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Justine Back

Principal Advisor

I am a Finance professional who has worked in the industry for over 23 years. My team and myself are passionate about making a difference in our client’s lives. I am motivated by the knowledge that only 30% of Australian’s are using a financial planner.

Paul Reilly


Enjoys working with motivated clients who seek to achieve their financial goals and objectives. Upon a client achieving their goal, creates great satisfaction in assisting to reach this accomplishment.

Jacob McCudden


The best part of my job is sharing in the many highs and lows our clients face whilst being able to offer meaningful advice to enable them to realise their aspirations. Whilst many people may think financial planning is all about managing money, it’s really much more than that. It’s about uncovering your client’s hopes, dreams, and unspoken fears, and providing them with valuable guidance, counsel, and support when they need it most.

Elisecia Mellish

Practice Manager

I absolutely love seeing the relief in our clients eyes when they hear the advice and we as a team work on implementing this for them.  It is like a weight is lifted for them. When they see and feel the outcomes that’s what makes our jobs so enjoyable and fulfilling.

Michael Fitzpatrick

Centrelink and Review Compliance

Michael worked for the Department of Social Security (Centrelink) for 14 years in many areas including determining eligibility for Age Pension and other payments. He was also a policy officer relating to complex cases and financial matters.He was a Financial Planner specialising in Retirement Planning and Centrelink strategies for a further 27 years. Currently semi-retired and often looking after his two grandchildren, he is assists us with clients wishing to navigate complicated Centrelink matters.

Ned Jelinek


Back to Back prides itself on providing quality advice to help clients of all ages and stages meet their goals. It is a pleasure to work with a passionate and motivating team who all share a common goal of putting our clients first.The whole Back to Back team have a wealth of knowledge in various areas of financial planning which is a result of a culture where we are encouraged to learn and grow.

David Bolster


I enjoy doing work that will have a significant impact on client’s financial position. Back to Back is very detailed in our advice, and uncovering ways in which we can help clients.

Ethan Smith


I'm aware that this is very cliché, but I have to say my favourite thing about working at Back to Back is the people. The joyful and motivated team and friendly clients makes this an easy winner.

Alecia Denniss

Senior Paraplanner

I love the challenge of exploring different ideas and coming up with solutions that provide the best outcome for the clients. When you see an advice document come together that offers lots of education and recommendations that really help the client progress in life, you feel like you have contributed to a positive change in someone’s life, which is what continues to motivate me. I love the friendships I have formed with the team and the support that we provide to each other. I love that every day in this job is always different and every day you have a new challenge.

Brodie Cullen


Enjoys working with motivated clients who seek to achieve their financial goals and objectives. Upon a client achieving their goal, creates great satisfaction in assisting to reach this accomplishment.

Harrison Back


I really enjoy the collaborative approach that our team takes to our strategy discussions to come up with the best ideas for our clients and provide a customised plan to set them in the right direction to improve their financial position. I’m proud of the work we do for our clients and the fact that we take the extra effort to provide even the most complex of strategies in a clear and understandable way.

Amy Thomas


I love that every day is different in the Back to Back world. There is always opportunity to learn something new and develop new skills.I enjoy meeting and learning about clients and assisting them in achieving their goals or just having a general chat about the weather.

Wendy Burns


I’m a paraplanner because I love it.  I love the number crunching, I love the writing of plans, I love that feeling when you know you’ve done your absolute best to guide someone towards their financial goals or to allay their financial concerns.  The retirement/aged care space is the area I enjoy the most.

Nada El Mohtadi

Senior Review Paraplanner

Tim Langfield

Review Paraplanner

What I enjoy most about working with Back to Back is the team I work with. They are like a second family! I also love seeing clients evolve over the years and achieve their long-term financial goals.

Kaunain Syeda

Review Paraplanner

Working with B2B has been so pleasurable and different experience for me. It is a small firm with exceptionally talented and highly motivated team members. I have been so much influenced by Justine and team’s enthusiasm for always making sure the clients receive the best experience and outcome. The quality of work we do is really good and there is so much capacity to learn and grow. Moreover, the lovely and warm people around you in the office make it a peaceful environment to keep you going

Fergus Back

Review Paraplanner

My name if Fergus and I’m currently working as a part time review team paraplanner whilst completing a university degree in social work. Working amongst the team at Back to Back has been a great experience as they have allowed me to be flexible in my working arrangements to pursue higher education. Back to Back has also allowed me to work alongside a stellar team that consistently pushes one another to raise their standards in order to deliver a great personalised experience for our clientele.

Colleen McCann

Senior Lodgement Team

I enjoy working in a friendly environment with people that love what they do. I am privileged to be part of a team that help our clients reach their goals and dreams.

Abigail Jusay

Lodgement Team

I graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Management Accounting. I started working at Back to Back FP in 2020. What I love most about my job is understanding each client's financial situation and how Back to Back was able to help stabilize and improve them. I am glad to work with my colleagues which are very supportive.

Sienna Lane

Lodgement Team

In the short time of working here I’ve really enjoyed being able to get to know our clients on a personal level, building rapport and being a part of the process to help them achieve their financial needs and goals.

Levie Dayanan

Client Liaison Officer

Working as a Financial Planning Assistant allowed me to work with diverse people. I have not a big fan of teamwork, but working as an FPA showed me that, indeed, two heads are better than one. What I love about this job is developing a relationship with your colleagues who have been in the industry for quite some time and continuously learning from them. The financial planning industry enabled me to gain many skills – project/task management, problem-solving, listening and comprehension, research, and communication.

Adel Montajes

Client Liaison Officer

I love working with Back to Back, as everyone is rowing in the same direction: providing clients with the best advice and service regardless of which department we are in. I also love it as I get to learn new things every day, always having room for career growth.

Hannah Refugio

Client Liaison Officer

Back to Back has helped me grow each day as I continue to learn new things and ideas from the best people in the industry. I admire how hard working the team is in providing the best quality service to each client. I am grateful to be part of the Back to Back team.

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