Richard & Nerida Ottley

It was a stroke of good luck that introduced me to Justine!

I had been invited to an AMP dinner function some 12 years ago. As one of the last people to take their seats
before dinner commenced I discovered that almost every seat in the room had been taken. I unwittingly found myself a spare seat on the table at the front of the room. I soon discovered that I was seated next to the then CEO of AMP and a seat away from Justine! It also turned out that she was the keynote speaker for the evening.

It so happened that at the time I was in desperate need of a financial planner! Shortly thereafter Justine met with me at my place of work, and on an obligation free basis discussed how she could assist. She has been our (my wife Nerida and I's) financial planner ever since.

Justine, in my opinion, is an outstanding professional who is dedicated to seeking to ensure that the best possible financial outcomes are achieved for her clients. This in my circumstances has involved not only a detailed consideration of Nerida and mine's income streams, outgoings, and assets and liabilities, but also our future plans and potential contingencies. It has also then involved a detailed consideration of the available options, underpinned by these factors. Her recommendations and advice are neatly set out in her written report.

Our financial position has been dramatically improved by following Justine's advice although we do take a little credit for following it closely! I have, on numerous occasions, referred family and friends to Justine and her team. She has always made it clear that she will only act for someone where she is satisfied that their situation is one where the cost of paying for professional advice is warranted, given the improvement that can be made to their financial situation through such advice. 

On a personal level, dealing with Justine and her team is a delight. She and her team are warm, friendly, responsive and highly professional.

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