Peter Downing

Q: What specific feature do you like best about Back to Back?
A: Innovation in every aspect of their service.

Q: What factors made you choose Back to Back as your Finance advisors?
A: Recommendation from other clients and ongoing results.

Q: What have been your 3 biggest benefits since working with us?
1. Getting a better view of our future and putting in place the machinery to achieve our aims. We are better organised, better off and have greater flexibility in our financial affairs.
2. Setting up a bare trust in our SMSF to allow us to leverage equity and increase assets at a faster rate.
3. Having experts and innovators to assist us to take advantage of the current rules and regulations in all their complexity.

Q: If you were to recommend us to a colleague / friend / business associate, how would you describe the client experience provided to you? Or the way they have helped you achieve a certain result?
A: Thorough, professional, worthwhile, discreet, invigorating. We look forward to our meetings with Justine and the team.

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